Mission MIVAKPO and repairs on 4 different sites

The mission managed by Jean Noel Marchand (Electrabel) and Roland Ronchain (Electrabel) had as target to electrify the day clinic of Mivakpo, situated about a hundred kilometers from the Lomé, the capital of Togo.

The project lead by Willy Vanderelst (retired from Laborelec) secured and improved the interventions of the medical staff (doctors, nurses) on the spot.

A full installation of 4 solar panels was put in place. The electricity produced by these panels, supplies the lighting in the delivery and the waiting room and foresees the sockets in the medical staff’s office of power. Another two panels are dedicated to powering the fridge, where vaccines and medications are kept.

At the same time, Energy Assistance volunteers, analysed the broken down panels of the orphanage and day clinic at Wli and the day clinic at Meduime. The team managed to replace the batteries and the faulty regulators.

During this stay, the efficient help and the lodging provided by Sylvia Roovers from the Joko Togo Association, were crucial to the succeeding of this multifold mission.

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Tacloban, a city on the Philippine island Leyte, situated in the middle of the Pacific. Just at the edge of a river, is the children’s village “SOS Children” located. A real village with a.o.a community house. In 2013, a typhoon tidal wave very heavily damaged most of the  buildings.

Bob Thielemans (ENGIE Benelux) was on site to help and support the local population. Very fast the idea of an electric project, to create a safe place and protect the children during typhoons and floods, arose. To start with, a solid community house was built.

As the electricity network is frequently out of order during typhoons, a battery operated emergency installation and 16 photovoltaic panels of 250 Wp were installed. This mission was realised in December 2015 with the assistance of Rodolfo Mendiola, Jr (SOS Children Village Philippines) en Gabriel Guariño (on-job training)

This installation provides electricity for up to 2 days for the lighting, two refrigerators, a hydrophone pump, an emergency radio-transmitter and several small electrical devices.

Volunteers : Jos Govaert (ENGIE Electrabel), Jason Fulgencio (ENGIE Cofely Philippines)
Project Leader : Jos Govaert (ENGIE Electrabel)

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En septembre et octobre dernier, avec le soutien d’Energy Assistance ont été réalisées les installations électriques intérieures dans les infrastructures sociales (principalement l’hôpital et les écoles) de l’agglomération de Mutwanga située au Nord Kivu, au sein du Parc National des Virunga. Le demandeur, la Virunga Foundation, aide à la gestion du Parc, à la sécurisation de l’action des gardiens et à la lutte contre braconnage et déforestation.

Grâce à un volontaire d’Energy Assistance, les installations électriques pour l’hôpital et 4 écoles, ont été dimensionnées et définies de façon détaillée. Une fois commandé, le matériel a été expédié vers le Kivu via l’Uganda.

A cause de la situation sécuritaire instable, les équipes techniques du demandeur ont finalement dû réaliser elles-mêmes les montages électriques. Sur base des contacts avec les techniciens locaux, notre volontaire a pu les coacher ceux-ci pour un résultat donnant pleine satisfaction au bénéficiaire et à la population locale.
Les montages ont été terminés sur site la mi-octobre 2015.

Volontaire : Jacques Tilquin (ENGIE Cofely)
Responsable du projet : José Jacquemart (ENGIE Tractebel)


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Energy Assistance asbl-vzw and ENGIE Asia Pacific worked together to renovate the electrical installation of a school that welcomes visually impaired children in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

This project was made possible thanks to the joint efforts of two Energy Assistance volunteers and a team of local volunteers.  Oyungerel Tseren (ENGIE Mongolia), who ensured the coordination of the project in Ulaanbaatar,  has also contributed to the success of this project.
The renovation was urgent, as the school set up in 1964 regularly faced power cuts, failures and other issues due to lack of funding and maintenance. Children and school staff also faced security risks because of the poor electrical installation.

Besides the main switchboard, the volunteers also replaced distribution boards on each of the three school floors. Afterwards, they renovated the electrical wiring of the attic where the district installation is. In Ulaanbaatar, outdoor temperatures often drop below 40°C in the winter. It is thus important to be able to monitor and check the heating system regularly.
Finally, the team participated in the revamping of the school showers.

The financing of the project was for the major part covered by the Energy Assistance 2015 greeting cards’ sales. This operation wouldn’t have been possible without the help of volunteers and the support of Tractebel Engineering.

Volunteers : Etienne Decamps (ENGIE Electrabel), Jack Sunaet (ENGIE Asia-Pacific)
Project Leader : Miklos Almasy (ENGIE Africa)


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ACOPAMEC, een Braziliaanse NGO, heeft als doel de armoede in de gemeenschappen van Mata Escura in Salvador de Bahia te verminderen. Ze baten onder andere een middelbare school uit en een professioneel opleidingscentrum.

ACOPAMEC vroeg de expertise van Energy Assistance voor de aanleg van de elektrische installatie van het opleidingscentrum.
Met de hulp van Braziliaanse vrijwilligers heeft Energy Assistance onder andere :

-een vernieuwd elektrisch schema ontworpen, inclusief een nieuwe hoogspanningscabine,
-samen met ACOPAMEC het nodige elektrisch en technisch materiaal aangekocht,
-de Braziliaanse NGO geholpen met de keuze van een lokale leverancier en met de aanvaarding van de geïnstalleerde uitrusting,
-een training gegeven aan personen die door ACOPAMEC gekwalificeerd werden voor de toekomstige uitbating en onderhoud van de geïnstalleerde systemen.

Dankzij deze realisatie van Energy Assistance kunnen ongeveer een duizendtal jongeren per jaar hun opleiding volgen en hebben ze een grotere kans om in de toekomst werk te vinden.

Vrijwilligers : Danilo Pereira de Castro (Leme Engenharia Brazilië), Ítalo Augusto Vasconcelos David (Leme Engenharia Brazilië)
Projectleider : Maurice Roch (gepensioneerde ENGIE Tractebel)

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Last March, three Energy Assistance volunteers took the road to the Bas-Congo in DRC in order to carry out several missions that were not always easy. The volunteeers provided their expertise in electrical grid construction and management to the locals.

The volunteer’s first stop was in Lukula where they worked hand in hand with the teams of SNEL (National Democratic Republic of Congo’s power utility). They took part in the extension of the local overhead network and to the construction of a 30 kV transformer substation, allowing the connection of a health center to the grid.
They then headed to Kivuvu where they repaired a cabinet supplying a hospital specialized in the fight against leprosy and tuberculosis : “We have replaced the transformer and the general low voltage board, and have upgraded the landings and surge protectors to protect the facilities” explains Dominique. “Before our intervention, this cabinet underwent frequent failures and the hospital often had to wait several weeks for repairs”f.

Last leg of their journey : Tumba.The volunteers provided transport and supply of two transformers to allow the powering of a school and of the village residents. This will enable the construction of a 15 kV overhead line in the near future.

Volunteers : Dominique Kese and Georges Echement (ORES), Marcel Bavay (retired ORES)
Project Leader : Roland Rosseel

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