Become a member of Energy Assistance asbl/vzw (Belgium)

If you are an active or retired employee of a company that is or has been part of the ENGIE group, you can become a full member of Energy Assistance asbl/vzw and be kept informed of activities, take part in events and vote at the Annual General Meeting.

The annual fee for full members is €20. You can make a donation in addition to your membership fee. Your contribution will be used to finance our projects.

Membership is more than just a subscription.

More than just a financial contribution, your membership demonstrates your solidarity with the aims of our association. Your moral and financial support gives us weight, especially with our financial backers. Thank you for your support.

Would you like to support our projects, make a donation or join our team of volunteers? The opportunities are many and varied: proposing actions, managing projects, taking part in implementation (as a technician or not), assessing needs and achievements, training players and helping to communicate. All help is welcome!

Send an e-mail to and we’ll send you all the necessary information.