Claude G., one of our oldest volunteers, opens his memory box for us!

10 years ago, E.A. realized one of its most important projects, in partnership with SNEL Dept ER, important in terms of budget but also in terms of time: indeed, it took no less than 7 years and 3 missions to realize it.

Thanks to the efforts of Claude G. and Raphaël M. as well as Dominique K., Marcel B., Maxime P. who accompanied them on mission, the village of Kapolowe, with its Reference Hospital, its School Center and Boarding School for girls, its Primary and Secondary School Center for boys, its fishing village, its population (20,000 inhabitants) saw the “night light” on November 25, 2011!



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During this long period of pandemic, a new project was developed in Kolwezi, DRC, consisting in equipping 3 buildings of collective interest: a maternity, an orphanage and a school.


The maternity hospital has been equipped with 3.3kWp panels, a 5kVA inverter charger and a set of 520A/h batteries, allowing to secure the lighting as well as the ultrasound scanner and some other devices. This allows the patients to receive improved care day and night.

In addition, the orphanage and school were also equipped with 3.9kWp of panels, a 5kVA inverter and a 1000A/h battery set, which will power the lighting of the orphanage as well as the school’s computer class.


This project could be carried out thanks to a great collaboration: the transport of the material was taken care of by the Belgian partner Philantros, who was also the initiator of the request for intervention. The work was carried out by the local partner, Jean Ilunga Asomwé, head of the association that runs the project.  In addition, our volunteer project manager Jacques H. supervised the work remotely via WhatsApp, in line with E.A.’s objective of transmitting the know-how of its members.

Thanks to the technical skills of Mr. Ilunga, the commissioning could be carried out successfully. A control mission will be organized in early 2022.


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After long months of waiting due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it became essential to realize these 6 projects in Casamance, Senegal, in order to support the local population. Indeed, the majority of the projects concerned the power supply of health posts.

In Adéane, a town of 9,000 inhabitants near Ziguinchor, the 5625 Wh installation with 15 PVs of 375 Wp now supplies the health post, but also the reception, the pharmacy, the laboratory and the accommodation for the staff on duty, and provides the electricity needed to operate the lighting as well as some medical equipment and a fridge for storing vaccines and medicines.

In the surrounding villages of Tambacoumba and Banghagha, the two dispensaries have been equipped with photovoltaic installations of respectively 2250 Wh with 6 PV of 375 Wp and 3750 Wh with 10 PV of 375 Wp, allowing to ensure a proximity care of the patients day and night.


On the other side of the Casamance River, in Bloc Sefa, 15 km from Sedhiou, a 3240 Wh photovoltaic installation with 12 PVs of 270Wp recovered, also equips the health post. The elementary school and the secondary school also benefit from photovoltaic installations of respectively 2720 Wh with 8 new PV of 340 Wh and 4080 Wp with 12 PV of 340 Wp allowing to organize remedial classes in the evening.

In these 2 schools, the wells have also been equipped with solar pumps, each powered by 4 PV of 260Wp recovered, which allows them to ensure basic hygiene but also to rehabilitate the vegetable gardens around these buildings.

All the solar and electrical equipment was purchased from local companies and these 6 projects were carried out by local companies: ARESS, for the solar part and Mané & Frères for the electrical installation in Adéane and neighboring villages, and in Bloc Sefa: Synergie Plus and the NQE hardware store in Ziguinchor.

These different work sites were supervised remotely and almost live, by video and photos, by our volunteer project manager Freddy A. (Thanks Whatsapp and Gmail 😃). Faithful to its objectives, Energy Assistance continues to transmit the know-how of its members.

At the beginning of October, our two volunteers Freddy A. and Marcel B. went to Casamance for a short mission of control and commissioning of the installations, warmly welcomed by the local populations.

In conclusion, we can only be satisfied with this first post-pandemic mission! Thank you to ARESS, Mané & Frères, Synergie plus and NQE for their seriousness and this beautiful collaboration and thank you to our volunteers for their unfailing commitment!



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“I gave the computers to the two doctors on your behalf and they were very happy and asked me to warmly thank E.A.. These computers were used from the first Thursday of the mission” explains Marie-Claire P., a physiotherapist who is regularly on mission in Kabinda.

Connected to a video projector, these new PCs allow her to present, during team meetings, the different pathologies treated by physiotherapists and their management, thus ensuring better collaboration between departments.

A nice continuation of the photovoltaic installations installed by our volunteers in 2012.

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For several months now, Energy Assistance has been investing in terms of analysis and technical and feasibility studies of the Panzi Hospital. After a period of interruption due to the COVID-19, the renovation works have just started.

Energy Assistance is the main contractor for the electricity production and for the internal installation of the renovation of the Operating room of the General Reference Hospital of Panzi.  This project supported by the ENGIE Foundation is obviously realized in close collaboration with the team of the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Doctor Mukwege and Professor Cadière.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to participate in this beautiful project!


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This March 8th is an opportunity to honor all women and reaffirm the right of women to benefit from quality care, to be able to give birth in equipped and enlightened maternity and health posts, and to all women (young and old) to be able to attend classes in enlightened schools and to have access to the internet.

Energy Assistance is proud to be part of this goals thanks to the missions of our volunteers (women and men).

We take this opportunity to thank all those who contribute to the life of EA and encourage all others to join us, whether for training, communication, as volunteers in the field or simply as (full)members.

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Last December, we proposed you to participate in the crowdfunding of an original project and, this way, to support our association.

As a reminder, with her project ‘NOW YOU SEE ME – Social impact’, our colleague Marie-Alice had launched a creative challenge:  to put forward her passion for minimalist ethical fashion and upcycling according to 3 pillars (Roots – Multiculturality and Vulnerability) through a solidarity calendar. And to follow through on her commitment to solidarity, she shared the profits from the sale of the calendar between three associations, including Energy Assistance.

Weeks of hard work and beautiful encounters with the models, photographer, videographer, make-up artist, accessories, communication experts, printer, … allowed her to create this nice calendar and to sell nearly 150 copies! (


Thanks to this beautiful experience and as promised, Marie-Alice was able to offer this check of 1050 € to our association, which will be used for the benefit of the electrification project of the maternity of Minova in DRC. We will not fail to keep you informed of the evolution of this project as soon as the sanitary measures will allow us to realize it.

Thank you Marie-Alice for the help brought to this project and allow us to admire these beautiful outfits and photos throughout the year.


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When inventiveness and determination combine to help a community in Kinshasa

The Kikwit region in DR Congo is a region that Energy Assistance knows well.  Our volunteers have carried out an umpteenth project to electrify a health centre for the Sisters of Mary in Kwango in 2018.  This congregation and that of the Sisters of Saint Andrew have also asked us for two other projects that we hope to carry out soon.

Parallel to these projects, the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Andrew was asking for our help in studying the feasibility of a solar installation to complement grid power for a new Community House in Kinshasa.

In agreement with their architect, it was decided to connect large consumer appliances such as fridges, freezers, pumps, etc. to the public network and to use a solar network for appliances that require less energy or that have to operate 24 hours a day, and for lighting.  We then helped them to size the installation and obtain the best quotations.

Another way, in these times of crisis, to meet the objectives of our association by putting the skills and know-how of our members at the service of humanitarian projects, even at a distance.

Thanks to our volunteer experts in charge of the study of this project : Michel M., Jacques H. and Léon C. (from the companies ORES & ENGIE Solutions)

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Goulouré is a village about 50 km west of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. Energy Assistance has been contacted by the local authorities so that the health center, composed of a dispensary, a maternity ward and 3 functional housing units, can benefit from autonomous electrification.


In 2018, on a mission to Sabtoana, South of Ouagadougou, for the electrification of a rehabilitation centre for women suffering from obstetric fistula, one of our teams of volunteers also went to Goulouré to assess the work to be carried out and to complete the information received.

The project was adapted with its new data, including the construction of a fourth home. 6 photovoltaic panels, 24 2V gel batteries and a 5000 VA hybrid converter were planned to supply the dispensary and the maternity ward. It was decided to make the staff housing independent, in order to perpetuate the installations and make the local actors responsible: each housing would be equipped with 2 solar panels, a 12V battery, a regulator and an 800 W converter. The equipment supplier chosen was the firm K&K International in Ouagadougo, with whom Energy Assistance had already carried out several projects.

Our volunteers were ready to go on mission at the beginning of 2020. Unfortunately, security problems in Burkina Faso followed by the coronavirus crisis prevented our volunteers from going to the site to install the equipment. As the equipment had been ordered and a deposit paid, it was decided, exceptionally, to entrust the installation to K&K International staff, remotely supervised by the project manager. This was done to the satisfaction of the beneficiary and will be checked by EA during the next mission of our volunteers to Burkina Faso, which we hope to see soon.

Thanks to Michel M. for the good follow-up of this project.


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As travel are limited by the Covid-19 crisis, Energy Assistance carried out a new mission in Brussels.

The house Reine Marie-Henriette, in Brussels, also known as “La Flèche”, welcomes and helps children from families in great difficulties.

A team of 4 volunteers, assisted by our General Manager, realized a secure lighting in the outside areas such as the playgrounds, the garden, the patio, etc. The system implemented allows lighting to vary according to the presence or absence of children, thus reducing light pollution and saving energy.

La Fleche

This transition from shadow to light took place under a beautiful November sky, surrounded by children playing on bicycles and roller skates – always at a good distance.

Thanks to our volunteers Steve B., Xavier S., Arno V. and Haithem M. and our general manager Tony M. (from ENGIE Benelux, ENGIE Solutions, and Nuyts).


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