The reward of our volunteers can be seen in the eyes of the children who are celebrating them at the inauguration of the installation by the authorities!

A few kilometers from Ahero and Kisumu, the third largest city in Kenya, on Lake Victoria, the Ayeweyo primary school, threatened with ruin and having lost the approval of the Kenyan state, is rebuilt thanks vzw Kitanda from Brugges and the kenian NGO Ebenezer.

Energy Assistance is then requested to feed by 2 kWc of photovoltaic panels, class lighting and administrative premises, PC’s, a fridge and outdoor security lighting.

After an in-depth study of the file by Georges Buxin (ex-Tractebel), Roland Rosseel (ex-Electrabel) took over the project an the organization  of the mission   en is confronted with numerous difficulties bound to the new Kenyan rules concerning the customs clearance of thematérael, After a year lost to getting in order, the material finally arrives at destination via Mombasa.

Despite the usual hazards (material to be bought locally, reality different from plans, …), the mission on the field is conducted quicly and efficiently. Another great achievement of Energy Assistance, duly thanked and congratulated by Kitanda.

Volunteers: Frederik Claerhout (Cofely), Pawel Jedrych (Cofely), Tom Detavernier (Electrabel) and with the effective help of Ebenezer volunteers

Project leaders: Roland Rosseel


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