Last March, Energy Assistance took part in an evaluation mission in Bangladesh, in collaboration with Energy Assistance France and Aquassistance, which enabled the 3 associations to enjoy some very fruitful exchanges and meetings.

The main objective was to evaluate the work of Friendship, a local NGO financed, among others, by the ENGIE Foundation, focusing on several themes: small solar power plants, biogas, the potential use of medicinal plants and spirulina, water and mangrove restoration. Particular attention was also paid to women and their often crucial role in the household economy.



In addition to these technical achievements, we also appreciated the awareness-raising activities organized by the NGO in remote villages, by financing small theater groups dealing with sensitive issues such as child marriage, etc., and why not little scenes on the proper use of solar electricity.

This mission enabled us to validate the work of Friendship, a fine and inspiring organization. It also reinforced our vision of biogas as an energy solution to be developed, as we are already doing in Malawi.

Finally, we remain convinced that our volunteers still have a definite added value in areas such as solar energy and safety.

To find out more, or to take part in our future missions, please contact us!


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