Goulouré is a village about 50 km west of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. Energy Assistance has been contacted by the local authorities so that the health center, composed of a dispensary, a maternity ward and 3 functional housing units, can benefit from autonomous electrification.


In 2018, on a mission to Sabtoana, South of Ouagadougou, for the electrification of a rehabilitation centre for women suffering from obstetric fistula, one of our teams of volunteers also went to Goulouré to assess the work to be carried out and to complete the information received.

The project was adapted with its new data, including the construction of a fourth home. 6 photovoltaic panels, 24 2V gel batteries and a 5000 VA hybrid converter were planned to supply the dispensary and the maternity ward. It was decided to make the staff housing independent, in order to perpetuate the installations and make the local actors responsible: each housing would be equipped with 2 solar panels, a 12V battery, a regulator and an 800 W converter. The equipment supplier chosen was the firm K&K International in Ouagadougo, with whom Energy Assistance had already carried out several projects.

Our volunteers were ready to go on mission at the beginning of 2020. Unfortunately, security problems in Burkina Faso followed by the coronavirus crisis prevented our volunteers from going to the site to install the equipment. As the equipment had been ordered and a deposit paid, it was decided, exceptionally, to entrust the installation to K&K International staff, remotely supervised by the project manager. This was done to the satisfaction of the beneficiary and will be checked by EA during the next mission of our volunteers to Burkina Faso, which we hope to see soon.

Thanks to Michel M. for the good follow-up of this project.


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