Energy Assistance (NPA non profit association) is actively engaged along with ENGIE Foundation as well as with Doctor Denis Mukwege, Nobel Peace Prize winner 2018, to help women who survived sexual violence through the reengineering of the electrical installations and the installation of solar panel feeding on the Panzi Hospital. The Partnership was signed March 27th , during the « Stand Speak Rise up ! » conference, an international forum dedicated to prevent sexual violence of all kinds in sensitive areas organized at the initiative of the Grand-Duchess of Luxembourg, and of which ENGIE Foundation is partner.

Gynecologist Denis Mukwege is considered as a hero in Bukavu, South-Kivu’s Capital, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The latest Peace Nobel Prize awardee has been fighting for the past 20 years against a ream scpirge: the rape, which became a routine weapon of war used by rebel groups aiming to control mines in the region.  Also called the « women repairer » he has treated so far in his hospital in Panzi more than 50 000 women who survived sexual violence. He founded is hospital in 1999.  Thanks to high-tech medical treatment, victims could be operated in this establishment –– and benefit also from  psychologic and legal assistance.

Since the cause of woman and health are both at the heart of our commitments, Energy Assistance together with ENGIE Foundation decided to found Denis Mukwege project.  The objectives of this tripartite partnership targets the renovation and improving security of the existing electrical installation as well as the implementation of a new electrical installation with solar panels in the Panzi Reference Hospital.  This will substantially improve the  economic and energetic efficiency of the whole installation of the Panzi Hospital.  A first feasibility study was already done in 2018.

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