The first major project in Belgium was a great success I

This mission to electrify the AMAH center in Mesnil-St-Blaise was carried out by over 20 volunteers in the field, including 7 new ones!
A wide variety of entities (ENGIE, ELECTRABEL, ORES, EQUANS, LABORELEC), with a strong representation of their retired employees.

The 144 panels (410Wp) and 3 x 10 kVA SMA three-pole inverters were installed over two long weekend days, involving more than 220 hours of on-site work. The installation of the panel installation structures and cabling had been carried out beforehand. A total of 300 hours were spent on the installation.

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With this project, all the EA structures were put into action, including volunteer recruitment with the help of Gilles, administrative follow-up by Tony and Sabine, and communication with Sylvia.

We also took the opportunity to improve our safety procedures for working at height and wearing personal safety equipment.

After two weeks in service, the system has already produced almost 3,000 kW/h. The savings generated will enable us to maintain our support measures for the home’s residents, as well as investing in building improvements with a view to further energy savings.


Thanks to l’Avenir for the nice article:

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Last September, the Tractebel Challenge gathered the most enthusiastic sports teams around different disciplines: cycling, mountain biking, orienteering, shooting, etc.).

Energy Assistance was very proud to award the fighting spirit prize to team n°5 of Aï-Na, Maximilien and Chloé!

‘Never give up’, ‘go all the way’ are also part of the values conveyed by the EA volunteers who always find solutions to realize their missions and photovoltaic installations and thus allow many beneficiaries to improve their daily life.

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On March 10, Tony Moens de Hase and Jean-Pierre Clamadieu met with Dr. Denis Mukwege during the Global Positive Forum.
The latter congratulated and thanked the President of the ENGIE Foundation as well as the General Manager of Energy Assistance for the remarkable work done by the volunteers of Energy Assistance and the teams on site, supervised remotely by the project manager Luc Hermant.


A short review of the Panzi project:

The Panzi hospital in DR Congo is, thanks to the action of Dr. Denis Mukwege, the reference hospital specialized, among others, in the gynecological reconstruction of women survivors of sexual violence. This practice has unfortunately become a weapon of war in the region.

Energy Assistance has been asked by the ENGIE Foundation to provide a solution to the shortage of energy necessary for the functionning of the hospital.

This project is certainly one of the largest and most complex, both by the size of the installation and by the number of stakeholders and costs involved in the project, in the form of a cooperation Foundation ENGIE – Energy Assistance Belgium, the Luxembourg Red Cross, the CHU Saint-Pierre of Brussels, the City of Brussels.


In 2019, a first evaluation mission by our volunteer Jean-Paul Van Herck, allowed to define the needs as well as the different technical possibilities. This was followed by numerous meetings initiated by the project leader, Luc Hermant, and the General Manager, Tony Moens de Hase, with the various associations participating in the project as well as the general contractor and Professor Cadière, to whom Dr. Mukwege has asked to carry out this new operating block, in order to distribute the roles, define the limits of intervention of each and coordinate the work.


The works will start in 2021 with the energetic equipment of the new operating block, including 6 operating rooms, recovery rooms and offices. Energy Assistance is acting as an advisor to the Engie Foundation in Paris and is studying the sizing of the solar installations. For the realization and the installation on site, EA works in partnership with the Congolese firm GoShop, in charge of the installation of the material and which will then be able to ensure an after-sales service.

A work control mission has recently taken place and the installation on site will take place shortly.

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As travel are limited by the Covid-19 crisis, Energy Assistance carried out a new mission in Brussels.

The house Reine Marie-Henriette, in Brussels, also known as “La Flèche”, welcomes and helps children from families in great difficulties.

A team of 4 volunteers, assisted by our General Manager, realized a secure lighting in the outside areas such as the playgrounds, the garden, the patio, etc. The system implemented allows lighting to vary according to the presence or absence of children, thus reducing light pollution and saving energy.

La Fleche

This transition from shadow to light took place under a beautiful November sky, surrounded by children playing on bicycles and roller skates – always at a good distance.

Thanks to our volunteers Steve B., Xavier S., Arno V. and Haithem M. and our general manager Tony M. (from ENGIE Benelux, ENGIE Solutions, and Nuyts).


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In 2016, we made our first project in Belgium in favor of a home for children of the judge located a few hundred meters away from the ENGIE Tower in Brussels.
A mission of consultancy service for the renewal of the high-voltage cabin of La Fleche, Queen Marie – Henriette children’s home in Brussels led to an economy of several dozen thousands Euros.
On the other hand, the installation of an IT-cabled network the last two Saturdays of August by the volunteers’ team allows a secure management of critical data on children.
The first one but unfortunately probably not the last project in our own country where the access to the energy can raise a problem.

Volunteers : Jacques Tilquin, Nicolas Coppée, Steve Begasse, Olivier De Ridder(ENGIE Cofely Services), Olivier Debaets (Sibelga), José Béroudia (ORES)
Project Leader : Jacques Tilquin


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