Claude G., one of our oldest volunteers, opens his memory box for us!

10 years ago, E.A. realized one of its most important projects, in partnership with SNEL Dept ER, important in terms of budget but also in terms of time: indeed, it took no less than 7 years and 3 missions to realize it.

Thanks to the efforts of Claude G. and Raphaël M. as well as Dominique K., Marcel B., Maxime P. who accompanied them on mission, the village of Kapolowe, with its Reference Hospital, its School Center and Boarding School for girls, its Primary and Secondary School Center for boys, its fishing village, its population (20,000 inhabitants) saw the “night light” on November 25, 2011!



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During this long period of pandemic, a new project was developed in Kolwezi, DRC, consisting in equipping 3 buildings of collective interest: a maternity, an orphanage and a school.


The maternity hospital has been equipped with 3.3kWp panels, a 5kVA inverter charger and a set of 520A/h batteries, allowing to secure the lighting as well as the ultrasound scanner and some other devices. This allows the patients to receive improved care day and night.

In addition, the orphanage and school were also equipped with 3.9kWp of panels, a 5kVA inverter and a 1000A/h battery set, which will power the lighting of the orphanage as well as the school’s computer class.


This project could be carried out thanks to a great collaboration: the transport of the material was taken care of by the Belgian partner Philantros, who was also the initiator of the request for intervention. The work was carried out by the local partner, Jean Ilunga Asomwé, head of the association that runs the project.  In addition, our volunteer project manager Jacques H. supervised the work remotely via WhatsApp, in line with E.A.’s objective of transmitting the know-how of its members.

Thanks to the technical skills of Mr. Ilunga, the commissioning could be carried out successfully. A control mission will be organized in early 2022.


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Located in the center of Togo, about 350 km from Lomé, the medical center “La Source” in Sokodé called on Energy Assistance to secure its electrical installation. This region of Togo is supplied from Ghana but is subject to numerous power cuts.

This medical center also includes a maternity ward, an analysis laboratory, an X-ray room, an operating room, pediatric and cardiology consultations and welcomes approximately 100 patients per day. There is no doubt that stability and continuity of energy are important to ensure the various services.

The 2018 preparatory visit was critical in preparing for the mission and allowed for near-optimal sizing of the equipment.

A co-financing of almost 2/3 of the project by the beneficiaries, supported by doctors from the Ardennes who regularly visit the hospital, allowed the project of the installation of solar panels and a no-break solution.

.      .             

Delayed for almost two years by the covid-19 health crisis, the mission was finally able to take place in the first half of November 2021, with our fellow volunteers Benoît R., Christoph H. and a newcomer, Fabrice N.

The hospital was equipped with 30 panels delivering 9 kilowatt-peak, 24 high capacity batteries and 2 inverters of 5 kW each, managing the different energy sources: solar, batteries and Compagnie Energie Electrique du Togo.


Apart from the numerous PCR tests to be undergone and a few missing lightning fuses, the mission went very well, especially thanks to the valuable local help, both the center’s management staff and the local workers who participated in the various works!


These works were often the occasion to train the locals to new techniques for the future maintenance of the installations, which they will also be able to use for their own future.

Thank you to our volunteers and their hosts for this great mission realised beginning of November 2021 !   

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After long months of waiting due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it became essential to realize these 6 projects in Casamance, Senegal, in order to support the local population. Indeed, the majority of the projects concerned the power supply of health posts.

In Adéane, a town of 9,000 inhabitants near Ziguinchor, the 5625 Wh installation with 15 PVs of 375 Wp now supplies the health post, but also the reception, the pharmacy, the laboratory and the accommodation for the staff on duty, and provides the electricity needed to operate the lighting as well as some medical equipment and a fridge for storing vaccines and medicines.


In the surrounding villages of Tambacoumba and Banghagha, the two dispensaries have been equipped with photovoltaic installations of respectively 2250 Wh with 6 PV of 375 Wp and 3750 Wh with 10 PV of 375 Wp, allowing to ensure a proximity care of the patients day and night.

Groupe Média Sud and Freddy A. explain everything in this report :

On the other side of the Casamance River, in Bloc Sefa, 15 km from Sedhiou, a 3240 Wh photovoltaic installation with 12 PVs of 270Wp recovered, also equips the health post. The elementary school and the secondary school also benefit from photovoltaic installations of respectively 2720 Wh with 8 new PV of 340 Wh and 4080 Wp with 12 PV of 340 Wp allowing to organize remedial classes in the evening.

In these 2 schools, the wells have also been equipped with solar pumps, each powered by 4 PV of 260Wp recovered, which allows them to ensure basic hygiene but also to rehabilitate the vegetable gardens around these buildings.

All the solar and electrical equipment was purchased from local companies and these 6 projects were carried out by local companies: ARESS, for the solar part and Mané & Frères for the electrical installation in Adéane and neighboring villages, and in Bloc Sefa: Synergie Plus and the NQE hardware store in Ziguinchor.

These different work sites were supervised remotely and almost live, by video and photos, by our volunteer project manager Freddy A. (Thanks Whatsapp and Gmail ?). Faithful to its objectives, Energy Assistance continues to transmit the know-how of its members.

At the beginning of October, our two volunteers Freddy A. and Marcel B. went to Casamance for a short mission of control and commissioning of the installations, warmly welcomed by the local populations.

In conclusion, we can only be satisfied with this first post-pandemic mission! Thank you to ARESS, Mané & Frères, Synergie plus and NQE for their seriousness and this beautiful collaboration and thank you to our volunteers for their unfailing commitment!



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