The first major project in Belgium was a great success I

This mission to electrify the AMAH center in Mesnil-St-Blaise was carried out by over 20 volunteers in the field, including 7 new ones!
A wide variety of entities (ENGIE, ELECTRABEL, ORES, EQUANS, LABORELEC), with a strong representation of their retired employees.

The 144 panels (410Wp) and 3 x 10 kVA SMA three-pole inverters were installed over two long weekend days, involving more than 220 hours of on-site work. The installation of the panel installation structures and cabling had been carried out beforehand. A total of 300 hours were spent on the installation.

 .    .

With this project, all the EA structures were put into action, including volunteer recruitment with the help of Gilles, administrative follow-up by Tony and Sabine, and communication with Sylvia.

We also took the opportunity to improve our safety procedures for working at height and wearing personal safety equipment.

After two weeks in service, the system has already produced almost 3,000 kW/h. The savings generated will enable us to maintain our support measures for the home’s residents, as well as investing in building improvements with a view to further energy savings.


Thanks to l’Avenir for the nice article: