Our mission was to uplift the educational landscape for 600 young girls at Likuni Girls Secondary School in Malawi through the installation of solar panels and batteries. Malawi grapples with frequent power outages, disrupting the learning process. Enter solar energy – a reliable power source that not only brightens classrooms but also contributes to our planet’s well-being.

Lighting the Path to Education:

Likuni Girls Secondary School, a boarding school near Lilongwe, is home to 600 girls. Our solar system not only illuminate classrooms after dark (around 5 p.m. due to the latitude) but also power 30 computers, providing access to modern educational tools. We firmly believe that every girl deserves a chance at a bright future, and access to education is the key.

Scope of the Solar Project:

While connected to the local network (ESCOM), persistent power cuts prompted the installation of 22 photovoltaic panels and 4 Lithium batteries as a backup. The panels have been placed on the school building’s roof, a restored technical room now houses the solar regulation equipment, electrical boxes, and batteries. The solar system (almost 10kWp with a storage capacity of 19.2kWh) ensures a continuous power supply to classrooms, the computer lab, and the administration bloc during outages.

Towards Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness:

Beyond classrooms and administration bloc, dormitories, kitchens, and more remain unconnected. A feasibility study is underway for supplying biogas to the kitchen. This would allow daily meals to be prepared without the need for electricity or firewood, and provide biofertilizer for the vegetable garden, offering an eco-friendly solution. This move aims to combat deforestation and enhance the school’s self-sufficiency.



Fostering biodiversity for a Sustainable Future:

In commitment to sustainability, Likuni Girls’ Secondary School pledges to plant 800 native trees. This tree plantation will aim to reforest areas of Lilongwe that have been hardest hit by deforestation (mainly for firewood and charcoal) and to teach girls the benefits of having trees nearby. Trees along riverbeds aim to reduce flooding during the rainy season, particularly dramatic given floods in Malawi in recent years.


A Journey of Impact and Growth:

Our mission has been a profound journey of learning, growth, and giving back to a community that has become close to our hearts.
Hear from the Beneficiaries:


This impactful project was initiated by Worldwide Solidarity for Education (WSE) and executed by Energy Assistance asbl-vzw. The successful material installation was carried out by a dedicated local supplier, ensuring close after-sales service.
A heartfelt thank you to our exceptional team of volunteers: Genevieve R., Michael dM., Johan B., Tony MdH, Sabine B., Jean B., and to all supporters who have made this mission possible, especially Pedro M., Mark D., and Sister Amelia N. Together, we’re making a difference!